Saturday, December 12, 2009

101 Things - Travelling Fool

My latest update on my Day Zero Project of completing 101 things in 1,001 days. Progress is being made.

Completed On The List

#20 - Give an anonymous gift to someone in need - For reasons that are clear, I can't and won't share details, but #20 is complete.

#22 - Plan a surprise overnight getaway - The Partner's birthday and our anniversary are two days apart, so I worked with The Girls at The Restaurant to get his weekend shifts covered, got his family to cover all the farm chores, and surprised him with a trip to Boston! We stayed at the fancy schmancy Nine Zero Hotel right across from Boston Commons, and had a wonderful time.

#50 - Attend a benefit supper - Okay, so this was a pretty easy one, since we seem to have a benefit supper weekly here in The County. But still, it was great to help cook all the food and see all the neighbors come together to help someone in need. Now if I can just get people to think of a national healthcare plan as a better response to our neighbors going broke when they get sick instead of a spaghetti supper. Ah, one thing at a time...

#54 - Decorate for a holiday - The tree is up, the candles are in the window, Mortimer the lighted snowman is out, cards are on the mantle, and knickknacks are on every free space. Yup, I chose Christmas.

#71 - Take and out of state vacation with The Partner - See #22. I thought about this and asked myself if a weekend counts as a vacation. Then I thought about all the work we put in covering everything for just 2 days away and realize that the idea of us ever taking longer than that away probably isn't feasible. So yes, I'm counting it.

#76 - Watch and Academy Award winning movie made before 1968 - "To Kill A Mockingbird". I can't believe I hadn't seen that movie before now. If you haven't, put it in your Netflix queue right now.

#77 - Watch a sunrise - We had friends visit from Portland for a weekend recently, and showing them around and hearing what they had to say renewed my love of home. The first morning, I got up, went into the field and watched the sunrise, and spent a moment basking in gratitude for all I have.

#82 - Attend a board meeting in person - I am on a few boards, and usually have to attend them by phone just because of the travel. Well, one of them happened to be in Bangor just as we were coming back from our Boston trip, so we were able to attend in person. It was nice to see everyone and feel really a part of the conversation.

#83 - Attend an LGBT dance - On our way to Boston, we went to the Bridge Alliance dance in Bangor. We've gone before and we always have a great time. If you live in Northern Maine, consider going to one of these. They're held every month.

In Progress

#9 - Get my Nexus Card or Passport - I've got the application. Now I just need to get The Partner to go into town so we can get our pictures taken and submit it.

#14 - Enroll in and complete a semester at a community college - I have been accepted to Northern Maine Community College and start classes - Psychology, Ethics, and Speech will be my first three - next month. Even better, they accepted 21 credits from my failed attempt at college in 1987, so I'm already 1/3 of the way to my Associates of Arts!

#69 - Attend a fundraising dinner in Aroostook County - This is happening December 28 in Presque Isle for the woman that will hopefully become the first woman governor in Maine's history.

Back To Step One

#23 - Send holiday cards one year by the Saturday after Thanksgiving - I got a lot of them out, but I'm still collecting addresses, so I hope to accomplish this one next year. We'll see.

There are some pretty big projects still on the list, including the writing. I'm still excited about this and it has been a great motivator to keep active. If you want to join me, go to the Day Zero Project website and get started.


Java said...

Al, thanks first of all for commenting on my blog post.
Secondly, congrats on beginning the college experience again. Good luck!
Thirdly, (Is that a word?) I was just looking at a map of Maine. The northern, what, third? of Maine looks practically deserted. What, if anything, is between Hwy 11 and the western border of the state? It looks like a bunch of (probably glacier) lakes divided by mountains, and a whole lot of nuthin'.

Al In The County said...

I was excited to see someone with an age that doesn't end in 'teen' going to school and writing about it - I'll definitely keep up with your blog.

Hmm, Northern Maine - its mostly woods and lakes, mostly accessible by 4 wheel ATV (sometimes) or snowmobile (sometimes). The county I live in has a population the size of Rock Hill, SC in an area the size of Massachusetts. But we love it here and its beautiful country. I'm pretty sure we can give southern rural a run for the money. :)

Joy said...

OK, you've inspired me. I'm going to make a list and check the items off for next year.

Congratulations on your progress! Keep us posted on your classes. I'm glad your credits transferred. That really helps.

Berry Blog said...

What interesting goals..and such doables that can be rewarding. I like this a lot. You got me to thinking.
xoxo Charlie